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An emotional intelligence and self development   platform

Self Defined has partnered with Inner Apps to offer a range of products and services designed to help you explore and develop your emotional awareness, self mastery and your social self.  Uniquely  built on 'out-of-the box' thinking our products are created to engage and entertain, so whether your looking to expand your knowledge or to explore and implement your personal goals there is something for everyone.


This is key because Self-Defined and Inner Apps were both premised on the need to make self-development and emotional growth  accessible to a broader audience and to bridge the gap between theories and personal practice.  We believe we have achieved this and the thousands of users around the world would seem to agree.


Just take a look around, and you will see for yourself, how we have put together  an ever growing number of engaging  apps and other products that powerfully explore and teach EQ skills, in meaningful ways..


The human connection is not forgotten so whether it is developing programs for schools or corporates, incorporating the social component into our apps, or the personalised one-on-one coaching mentor (Centoring) service we offer, Self-Defined and Inner Apps remains personally CONNECTED.



Explore just some of the apps and other products we have developed, many of which are free to download via iTunes or the Google App store.


Inner APPS


Inner Apps has designed a range of highly engaging and entertaining apps that help you to explore feelings in ways that are fun for young and old, while developing this skill set from the get go. So whether you are playing Emotional hang man, testing your Feeling smarts with the quiz app, or working your way through topic 1 of the EQ coach,  you will  find something that meets your needs.

  • We learn more by doing!

All our apps are designed to encourage you to do. This can be seen in everything from Feeling Smarts which engages you in a game of hang man 'to the highly practical EQ Coach app.




While a lot of our content is password protected, and forms part of our apps and offerings, we cover a number of relevant topics for you to freely explore.