Recognise, acknowledge, investigate, nuture

EmotionsAre energy

Emotions are a key part of your energy system, and are necessary to achieve anything and everything.

It includes the physical changes you experience and the motivation to act, and they are as a result, a very necessary part of activating and relaxing your body.


FeelingsDirect Attention and focus

What has my attention influences how I feel and how I feel influences what has my attention.

This is just one reason why regulating attention helps to regulate emotion, while regulating emotion helps improve focus.

Why choose Us?

A body ofEmotions 

Facing your feeling, means being able to recognise, understand, tolerate and navigate the physical manifestations associated with the emotion.

But by recognising and understanding these changes you also gain huge insight into the function of the feeling. As a result you are better able to identify, tolerate and regulate.

Facing Feelings

Emotional communication.


The first step is to learn to recognise emotions. This may seem unnecessary because you may believe you are alert to feelings as much as you need to be. But this is not true.

Distortions of feeling often result from attempts to dismiss emotion, or at least those emotions that you find uncomfortable or that were unacceptable to you or others. So the first step is to return to the emotional basics.

We do this by learning to recognise emotions in their expression, as well as their function.



Recognising the emotion includes a recognition and understanding of the function of feeling. This helps you to not only become more accepting of emotion, but also to understand the symptoms, like a racing heart and difficulty breathing which for instance frequently accompanies the emotion of anxiety.

This insight then helps you to more accurately read the symptoms, interact with and regulate them.



The way in which the emotion is experienced has to be managed, including both learning to sit with the feeling, and modulate it, or in other words manage to reduce and at times increase the intensity of a feeling.

This process is essential to ensure that the emotion does not overwhelm, immobilising your ability to act in ways that are positively approppriate.

Listen carefully.

This is what your body does, listening for changes that tell you you need to act.

Telling you that you need to approach or withdraw, moving towards or away. It even tells you how urgent, how driving the need is.

But hearing does not mean that you are able to listen and respond. Instead it often means that you are driven to act in order to quieten the sound.

This however makes you victim to these emotions, a prisoners forced to act in ways that don't really serve.

Emotional prisoners



The intensity of the signals, the physical changes that are the bodies emotional response can make listening difficult. Regulating them helps to turn the noise down, so that you can hear and check the message.

So meditation, mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, physical practices and attention directing techniques amongst others are about regulating so that you can listen and respond.   

Discover not only the techniques and practices themselves, but by understanding the nature of emotion learn why and how it works.

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Emotional Insight.