But don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity, each product is carefully considered and offers a broad range of skills development opportunities.



Explore the expanding range of IA apps, all designed to engage and entertain, while developing Emotional Intelligence and building other core skills.


Ranging from the simple feeling monsters that provides both a feeling dictionary and a simple way to express how you feel, to the more complex EQ Coach self-development program, there is something for everyone.



4 Pics 1 Feeling

Designed to encourage emotional awareness, 4 pictures depicting 1 feeling at its very core helps build feeling vocabulary, or expressive language. But thats not where it ends


  The four feeling' images provide clues to the feeling word and encourage the 'reading' of 'expressions' of feeling, building skills in identifying these social cues.




A quiz for the times, The EQ quiz has 100's of  questions that explore your knowledge of feeling and feeling facts. Engaging you on everything from recognizing facial and other non verbal expressions of feelings, to  cultural variances.




A powerful tool  to explore emotional awareness,  uncover and challenge thought distortions and develop your core social skills.


The EQ Coaching app is a fun interact tool which begins with the basics and encourages you to practice through play, whether it is looking in the mirror to see how you feel, or developing a legal defense in our trial case designed to help identify and challenge thought distortions.


Some Techniques form part of the Calm Kit app,


Informed by the CBT Thought Record tool widely used in therapeutic settings, the Thought Record and Anxiety Journal provides not only a place to record your thinking, the events that trigger them and the feelings evoked, but also provides ;

- A thought distortion dictionary to help identify the distortion

- The ability to share the individual records with others so that they can understand and help challenge the fear or distortion.

- A resource list (the anxiety journal only) to help remind you to rely on (and develop) your resources





— Glenn Beck

EQ Coach

Work through the EQ coaching app on your own, or connect with a coaching mentor to help you.



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