that they are distortions


Considering the witnesses and friends is a great way to practice attending, and a fun way to check perspective, both yours and theirs.  (But more of that later)


So see how well you have done on this key social skill, by trying out the murder mystery quiz which reveals clues as you successfully answer questions.


But remember the focus in on using this information to build your own case ...collecting details and forming a strategy to challenge the prosecutions case against your client



Defending yourself against negative or distorted thinking!.


A huge part of EQ Coaching topic 2 is In Defense of Self,, and building your Case looks to building the skills needed to do just this.


So why not explore and practice these skills and ideas in this murder mystery ... trying to not only solve the case, but to build a solid legal defense for your client. who is charged with the crime.


We provide you with the details of the case, from the scene of the crime, the victim profile and a profile of your client:


We explore the allegations made against your client and encourage you to challenge them on the grounds


Gwen is a single female aged 32.  A successful banker she is dedicated and hard working, she arrives at work before 7 am and most days does not leave the office before 8pm.


She then heads home to an apartment in the city, stopping along the way to buy a microwave dinner or take away meal.  She and the victim had dinner the night before.

Friend and neighbor

Organized, on time Lucy is class mother for her youngest child  4 year old Saul's play school class and chair person of her daughter's primary school parent teacher association.


She also assists her husband in his business an on-line store selling tech gadgets sourced from around the world.

Friend and neighbor

Anton is  married to Lucy, and is founder and CEO of an on-line techno sales firm. Sourcing gadgets  from around the world, he imports and distributes these nationally.


He originally studied finance, qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and working in Banking before  starting up his firm 6 years ago.

The Accused (and your client)

Bruce is your client and is married to our victim. , An International  Banker he often travels for business, and frequently entertains clients.


Neighbors reported hearing Bruce and Carla arguing recently, with heated words being exchanged in the driveway of their home on more than one occasion.


In fact one neighbor Lucy suspects Carla wanted a divorce. (Spot the distortion!)

  •  "Take a tour through the crime scene and collect all the details ... remembering to identify and gather the facts ."


— Self Defined team


Who, what

, where and when