The idea is to understand this, and not look to suppress the feelings, but to manage them more effectively. Remember we need feelings to energize  us to act in ways that help us to achieve our goals, and to keep us focused.


Just how does this work though?


Feelings move us, in a good way. They are a powerful force that we can use to drive us to achieve the goals we want. They get us out of bed in the morning and keep us from giving up when we need to push through.


They can direct our attention and fill us with (sometimes nervous) energy. This is why some people feel they can only really work under pressure, waiting until the last minute to study for an exam or complete a process at work. They can also move us in other ways preventing us from doing something dangerous, and giving us the courage to stand up against injustice or to fight for what we believe in.



Feelings act a lot like the accelerator of a car, providing the energy or drive (to get somewhere).


 This makes a lot of sense when you take a look at the CHEMISTRY OF FEELINGS where we take a look at the 'gas' or  'the  chemical transmitters'  that are so central to emotions.


The key though is to understand where you are going, and when driven in ways that take you away from where you want to be, learning to take the wheel.


Don't ignore them :  Feelings are part of the AROUSAL response, the physiological and psychological state of being reactive to stimuli.  It results in an observable change in the physical state of the body which causes you to become alert and a ready to move and respond.


Blocking feelings means blocking your bodies readiness to move or react to stimuli. So the question you need to ask is is your readiness the appropriate response to the stimuli.


The "intrinsic attractiveness or aversiveness" of an emotion. While this is cognitive-psychologist speak for whether or not people would want to feel something, it simply means people will try harder to get more of something that is intrinsically attractive (Generally something that makes them happy) and work hard to get away from or avoid something aversive.


The associated attractiveness or aversion is however partly a matter of PERSPECTIVE.


Seen differently Feelings/emotions could be viewed as the name we give to our experience of the physical  changes caused brought about by certain life experiences.


In this way the fact that our heart beats faster, our thoughts race and we have loads of energy is defined by some as pleasurable and by others as unpleasant, desirable or undesirable.  But what is the feeling?

 Simon Sinek shows how great leaders inspire everyone to take action, by starting the Why,



— Because the WHY elicits the feelings needed to move us to act.


So some things are basic biology personal chemistry and temperament. Physical changes we experience.  This does not mean that we cannot do anything about this ... just take a look at the feedback loop and explore the Calming Techniques . and Confidence boosters


But it is also important to take a look at the role of reasoning in feeling (and action) as part of topic 2 :Self-Mastery,




Take a look at the brief overview