Aware : Chapter 1


Whether you like it or not emotions drive your behaviors, influencing your decisions, reactions and motivations. Even when your are not aware of your emotions they continue to influence you, and even hijack your life.

So denying or suppressing them does not stop them from impacting on you, but rather diminishes your ability to recognise, respond to and manage them emotions more effectively .

The goal is to develop a more effective way of responding to your experience of challenging emotions, developing the capacity to be with without being swept away by them, without needing to run or take refuge.

Our Approach

Developing emotional intelligence.

Identifying and Attending .

Through developing your introception, your sense of the internal state of your body, we look to help you better understand your internal sensations and emotions

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Learn to distinguish emotions by recognizing the physiological sensations that give rise to them, and understand the purpose behind these .

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Recognising the subtle signs of powerful emotions allows you to pause and respond skillfully in a way that allows you to both tolerate and regulate the feeling.

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Recognising and responding improves your social ability. impacting on the message you are sending and your ability to connect with other

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We begin with the face of feelings, using this to provide an opportunity to quite literally see (and experience) some of of the function of your core emotions