Recognise, acknowledge, investigate, nuture

EmotionsAre energy

Emotions are a key part of your energy system, and are necessary to achieve anything and everything.

It includes the physical changes you experience and the motivation to act, and they are as a result, a very necessary part of activating and relaxing your body.


FeelingsDirect Attention and focus

What has my attention influences how I feel and how I feel influences what has my attention.

This is just one reason why regulating attention helps to regulate emotion, while regulating emotion helps improve focus.


A body ofEmotions 

Facing your feeling, means being able to recognise, understand, tolerate and navigate the physical manifestations associated with the emotion.

But by recognising and understanding these changes you also gain huge insight into the function of the feeling. As a result you are better able to identify, tolerate and regulate.

Facing Feelings

Emotional communication.

Eyes on the target

The face of feeling reflects the function of feeling begining with the need to direct attention.

Simply take a look at the face of surprise to see just how this in action.



Beyond attention, notice how the eyes change depending on the focus, narrow or broad, directed and piercing with an intense outward presence, or a vague absence and inward reflection. Do you know which emotion is associated with these different forms of focus and why?



Incorporating a broad range of workbooks and apps, many of which are available free of charge makes self development accessible and scalable to suite your individual needs.

Simply interactive and engaging.

Whether it is the games designed to build emotional awareness and expressive vocabulary or the case building exercise in thought Defense, the mindfulness practices and journaling tools, the goal is to encourage you to quite literally experience the insight.

But don't just take our word for it. Try your hand at some of these interactive tools.

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Personal coaching

Nothing explains more than doing, which is why play is so important in childhood. But it does not end there, so learning how to be mindful, how to recognise and express emotion, how to identify and challenge thinking and shift your mindset is all encouraged and faciliated by our playful and experiential approach.  

But taking things to the next level, sometimes benefits from engaging with others. The human touch. This is why we offer on-line personal coaching for those who want to engage in the process with the support and insight of a specialist.

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