Perception and 


Aware : Chapter 1


Your inner voice is like a soundtrack to your life experience, creating a narrative which not only reports on but also makes sense of your life.

It tells you what is happening and what to expect, what you should do and what you should do differently. It can be a powerful leader and coach or a harsh critic, a mindful master or a super alert and hyper vigilant 'life' guard.

Our Approach

Developing emotional intelligence.

Attending .

Perception is a distortion. What you perceive is filtered through the lenses of your mind. What is important and what can be ignored, what it means and how you need to respond.

The result..?


Your lenses are conditioned patterns which may not be helping you. In fact the result may be undermining you at every turn, driving poor performance, rigid responses and emotional dis-ease.

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Awareness allows you to reflect, considering what is missed, dismissed and under or over valued through a different lense. Done investigatively we take a learn from the lessons of the pursuit of justice

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Developing a lense that allows collaboration with self towards a positive outcome, including personal progress and enhanced performance.

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Building a case

One of the lenses we explore is that of the legal system, encouraging you to tackle your thought distortions in the way a legal mind would build a case. Understanding the charges, reviewing the evidence and valuing the legal principals being pursued.

This approach helps 'see' how to perceive things differently, without negating the facts of the 'case' expanding perception and as a result the possible options available.