Mindful perception

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Mindfulness can be defined as being fully present in the moment, experiencing what is with a curiosity and without judgment or pre-conception.   

Perception is experiencing a part of what is, that part that is regarded as important in the moment. Seeing through the lens of expectations from the past, rather than with the wide-eyed innocence of a child.

Expanding one's experience

By training your mind to be more mindful, you can learn to see more of what is. To expand on your experience. Begining afresh, the act of being mindful involves redirecting attention in a way that looks to perceive more of what is. It means giving the time to be fully present and directing all one's senses to what is.

The exercises we use encourage you to both experience and practice mindfulness in a wide variety of setting, helping you to discover and immerse yourself in the sensations of being mindful.

As a result you will experience the pure pleasure that can result, the wonder and the inspiration. But rather than explaining we encourage you to try, and then to reflect together with us.

This hopefully will ignite the desire to build on the practice, and strengthen the abilityto use it in different moments of your life.

The raisin exercise

Possibly one of the best known mindfulness exercises, this is a simple exercise that, by using a food allows you to include the sense of taste in your exploration. This is useful and you will notice how it is part of how children naturally explore their world. Watch as they spontaneously place so much in their mouths, much to the horror of their parents and quite often to other spectators. But try this exercise and we can reflect later why it is actually just part of being mindful.

Practicing mindfulness