is distortion.


What you see, hear, smell, touch and taste is filtered through your mental lenses which influences what gets your attention and what gets overlooked.


So not everything gets noticed, not everything registers in your conscious awareness.

It is difficult to know what it is that you do not notice, but friends, family and even employers may point out things that you tend to overlook.


Expanding your conscious awareness means learning to register more than you do now. Noticing what generally goes unnoticed. 

Mindfulness is a practice that expands awareness and helps you to overcome barriers to perception.


Meaning can influence both awareness and experience.

This is key because perception is not just the what but also the how.


Rules of perception are necessary like the difference between safe and unsafe.

Like the rules that artists use to help us see size and distance, helping a flat 2 dimensional image come alive.


Informed by rules we need to avoid becoming trapped by rules, having them ridgidly dictate our experiences. ;