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Self paced programs designed to develop emotional resiliance and enhance mental and emotional well being


Online Mental and Emotional Wellness Programs

Practical, engaging, purposeful self paced programs. Putting you in the drivers seat.


Action driven programs that build on each other, with the option of personal coaching.



Programs looking at

  • Vision and the pursuit of happiness
  • Mindset and intention
  • Thoughts and beliefs
  • Emotions: Awareness and regulation
  • Behaviour and habit

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We focus on creating a culture of change with the concept of the 4 P's running through all our offerings. Frontloading in our unique way.

Relaxed calm curly woman meditates indoor, keeps hands in yoga gesture, closes eyes, breathes deeply, takes break after hard work, wears transparent glaases for vision correction, has lunch time
We all need those sound bite solutions especially when overwhelmed. So we have those techniques and guided practices.
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These practices become meaningless if the principals are lost. So all our practices are infused with the guiding principals of intention
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The process itself reflects the principals and informs the practices. So we invite you to discover the principals and purpose behind the practices.
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Understanding the intention helps move you forward. Developing a resiliance in not only the practices but in you as a person.

Why Choose Us?

A choice that makes the difference.

Online interactive CBT programs with the option of working with a coach or mentor.
Developing a happiness portfolio. Balancing your investment in yourself to achieve sustainable happiness.
Allowing lessons in well being to guide your parenting practices.
Reasoning skills play a particularly important role in mental and emotional well being and resiliance.
Resiliance is the ability to recover. This involves understanding that recovery is needed.
Creating an insight into and awareness of emotions and the language and experience of feeling.
Modular type programs that encourage learning that is personal to you.
Corporate training and organisations programs pitch the foundational concepts in a way that is aligned with your team

These programs are designed to transform the way you approach your own well being



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A range of highly innovative apps designed to create interactive practices and reflective quizzes.


The Apps

Our coaches provide a range of services from supporting you through our various programs to helping with life transitions



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